Our History

The ALL SAINTS CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY CHURCH opened its doors for worship services on Sunday January 2nd, 2005 with a total of twenty one persons (including children and adults) in attendance. This was following God’s inspiration and encouragement from members of the Edo community directed to our very own Rev. Dr. Stephen Aghahowa, to start a community church. With no sanctuary of its own, Edo Community Social Organization (Akugbe-Oretin Club), under the leadership of Mr. Douglas Ogbomo at that time, allowed the use of Edo House to conduct worship services every Sunday at very minimal cost to the church.

LAUNCHING: The church was officially launched on June 9th 2007 and five different ministries, namely; (a). Youth Ministry; (b) Women’s Ministry; (c) Medical Ministry; (d) Music Ministry; and (e) Education Ministry were proclaimed and launched. Since then, the church has and continues to carry out its services, providing opportunities for worship and fellowship to all people from interdenominational, inter-cultural and international settings.

EDUCATION MISSIONS: Through its Education and Medical ministries, the church engages in local and international missions, as far as to Motherland Africa. Specifically, since 2011, the church has sponsored education missions to Edo State Nigeria annually. Using the operations of its Foreign Missions Liaison Committee directed by Education Ministry leader Sam. Aiwuyo, and Missionary Journeyman, Osaro Paul, the church has successfully purchased and distributed school supplies to 30 elementary village schools in Edo State, Nigeria, every year.

MEDICAL MISSIONS: In Chicagoland, the church has supported the Health Ministry in providing free health monitoring equipments during annual Bendel picnics organized by our community in Chicago. Moreover, in November – December 2015, the church sponsored a Medical Mission to Edo State Nigeria. The mission, led by Bishop S. Aghahowa and General Secretary Deacon L. N. Osifo lasted 30 days. The medical team included Foreign Mission Liaison Committee members and several medical professionals like doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Ophthalmologist, laboratory Technicians, covering 16 Rural Health Centers and treated over 2500 patients with free medications. Quantities of medical equipments, medicines, and medical supplies were also deposited at each center for continuity of further medical services.

DEACONS ORDINATIONS: On Sunday Dec. 13, 2009, six deacons: Godwin Atoe, Vincent Osaghae, Queen Osaremwinda, Henry Osaremwinda, Tony Oghafua, Vivienne Ogbomoh, were ordained as deacons for the church. Again on Sunday July 20, 2014, three deacons: Ida Atoe, Mabel Osaghae and Lucky Osifo were ordained into the Deacons’ ministry of the church.

In August 2013, the church acquired a worship building and it was dedicated on Saturday July 19, 2014. From that day, the church has been growing strong, with an ambition to open an overseas branch in the near future.

CONSECRATION AND ORDINATIONS: On October 12, 2014, the church, with the leadership of the International Conclave of Bishops from United Kingdom, performed the consecration of the Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Stephen Aghahowa as Bishop of the church. On same day, Pastor Godwin Atoe and Henry Osaremwinda were also ordained as Ministers into the full Gospel Ministry. The church is in expectation of another deacon, Vincent Osaghae, currently undergoing ministerial education, to be ordained into the ministry in the near future.

GROWTH POTENTIAL: The leadership of the church has enlarged within the last year, with officials properly appointed and functioning at different aspects of services in the church. The membership has also grown beyond a hundred, through two baptismal ceremonies and older members joining the church from within and without the neighborhood. The prayers of the church for numerical and spiritual growths are a priority.

DIVINE ASSURANCE: The Church’s One Foundation is Jesus Christ Her Lord. He is the Rock upon which He’s built His Church. “And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. (Matthew 16:18…KJV)